In yesterday’s article, we attacked the phenomenon of counterfeit goods in the replica watch industry. Some fake watch friends expressed doubts: “The explosions can’t be bought for the time being. The niche brands don’t want to buy them. I don’t know how to choose them?”

This raises a question: Is the current niche brand value not worth buying? These niche brands that have sprung up like mushrooms have been able to shake the market with big brands as the mainstream?

This is not a small problem. You know, with the help of crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, it is no longer as difficult to build a self-contained fake watches brand. These small brands love to operate in the form of online crowdfunding and online sales, which undoubtedly greatly reduces their costs, such as store rents, upfront investment, etc., which makes them form a certain degree compared to traditional big brands. The cost advantage on the. This cost advantage helps them to make parts such as better movements and cheaper, and thus has a good market competitiveness.

Once upon a time, niche independent watches replica making was synonymous with “small favors” and “poor quality”, but now many brands are beginning to break this stereotype. For example, Farer Universal, the chronograph created by this niche brand, already has the strength of traditional big names such as Tissot and Hamilton.

Some people may say: “What about it? There are a lot of cheap entry-level styles to choose from, such as Seiko or Hamilton. Why should I go to buy a niche watch?”

This argument is not without reason. However, it should be pointed out that although the niche replica watches making lacks the mature after-sales system of the big brands and the market reputation, it also has its own unique advantages. For example, small-scale teams are often more able to avoid the interference of redundant factors, and boldly try new watchmaking art; their products are not all shoddy, and many small brands are traditional in Switzerland, Germany, France, etc. The development of watches replica making towns, its own technology and aesthetics are sufficient, and will not be much worse than some traditional big names. For example, Junghans is an old brand with a history of more than 150 years. Some of its models use the ETA 7001 movement, and this movement is also used by some niche brands. Should Hans’s be better than the latter?

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