Although many people want to buy their own replica watches as much as possible, in fact, for most of the watches, from the moment you open the package and then wear it, it begins to depreciate, and it is a sharp depreciation. Because in the end, the watch is a daily necessities for wearing, which is different from pure art that is only used for appreciation, such as painting, calligraphy, and sculpture. Therefore, as the usage time increases, it will inevitably depreciate rapidly under normal circumstances. Watches that can preserve or even appreciate themselves are not normal.

However, don’t look at the many models I mentioned above. In fact, if you sum up, there are only two brands with the most value-protected models, namely patek philippe replica and replica Rolex.

Patek Philippe is a watchmaker, and the ability to preserve certain styles is definitely one-of-a-kind, such as nautilus, grenades, and some complicated features. The main reason for this is that its brand value is high. After all, it is recognized as the boss in the watch industry. It has a long history and a loud sign. The second is that its first-hand price is also high, and it is tens of millions. Ordinary people can afford it, so the market circulation is extremely small. The so-called “things are rare”, naturally making second-hand prices higher; third, Patek Philippe’s purchase is difficult, not cheap to buy. The membership system they implement will leave a record of purchases for each customer. Even if they have more money, they must buy from the entry fee until they accumulate a certain amount of purchase. The brand confirms that you are the real love watch. After people, they have the right to queue up to buy complex funds. Note that what I am talking about here is the right to queue, and I don’t know how long it will take to get there. This has caused Patek Philippe’s high-end complex styles to be difficult to find, and the second-hand price will naturally rise.

In the major watch website forums, the most popular section is always the Rolex section; just grab a passerby and ask him which fake watches he knows, you will definitely hear the word “Rolex”, and that passerby may still be a layman who knows nothing about watches. You may not necessarily know someone wearing a million-dollar big three-handed watch, but if you wear a piece of gold, you will get a lot of envy and worship in minutes… All this is decided. The value of Rolex will not fall too much.

If you start with a watch just to preserve value or appreciate, can you enjoy it casually, or even wear it? You know, for a watch, a small scratch can cause a drop in value. To preserve the value, you can only carefully store the fake watch in the safe. It is like a house in the name of the people. What is the meaning and fun of an official who doesn’t dare to spend money? In short, there is one thing: whether it is replica Patek Philippe, replica Rolex, fake Seiko, fake Casio, as long as you like it, and can afford it, then take it!

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