How to identify fake watches?

Imported Swiss replica watches must be made in Switzerland. If it is located in Japan, China or other countries, the clock is fake and forged.

All Japanese imported replica cartier watches are made in Japan. If it is in Switzerland or other countries, the watches should be fake.


First, you need to understand the main types of machines and the main logos used in real tables. If you encounter a fake table at the bottom of a transparent table, you can quickly and accurately determine the true and false.

Next, you have to carefully word the core of the search engine, the product vyhraviruyetsya clear and beautiful, the fake rough table has no aesthetic sense of the core character of the real engine.

Finally, we must understand the core performance of the machine, such as manual or automatic, one or two aspects, as well as the sound of traffic.

Dubbing: In addition to the Swiss movement 2824283 6 is the illusion of other sports – the frequency of 21600, you just pick up the ear to hear, almost slow, now more than 28,800 frequency meters are the main, but a lot of places a real table is still very Slow, so it’s just one of them.

Burnish: It shouldn’t be a word, and the average fake watch is not subject to it. However, there are a lot of counterfeit sandings on the market, but it is easy to find the roughness process eyepieces.

Structure: (Each major has its own structure, not the 2824 ETA stream that you can simulate). The domestic production of the replica watches, the use of the main unit is very complicated, is Swiss, Japanese and domestic movements, etc., users should note that some counterfeiters use set clocks to some counterfeit lower base based on perezaryadzhenym IMHO, Then buy a clock with a high degree of confidence that won’t have these problems.

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