Design any device – a controversial issue. Finow X3 Plus – a round replica watch with sport highlights. It is very similar to the Samsung Gear S2, which is faster than speed. Before copying the design, we were used to it. In this case, we successfully selected the example of imitation. Personally, I like the look of the replica watch. It is compact and any arm looks great. The thickness of the replica watch is also small. The X3 Plus is harmonious and stylish from any angle (the glory of Samsung designers).

The fake Finow X3 Plus is made entirely of steel. In my case – black, but there is also a silver model. In both versions, the clock looks spectacular. The back cover is made of stainless steel and the surface is matte. The thickness of the metal is very important and there is no tin cover.

An important area on the front of the replica Finow X3 Plus is a circular display, slightly immersed in the body, literally 0.5 mm. However, if you place the clock on a flat surface with the screen facing down, this is enough to fake watches prevent the glass from being scratched. The frames around the display are, but they are small.

On the right side of the clock are two elongated buttons, also made of metal. The top button has a combination function – “House” and “Power / Unlock”. Next – back. On the left is just a small hole in the microphone.

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